The following Games and Positions are Available for Assignment 

Request Assignment

Select the games that you would like to be assigned from the Games Available in the grid displayed below by checking the checkboxes in the right column.

When you have selected all of the games that you would like to be assigned, click the Request Assignment button to Email your Assignor your request.  A form will be displayed when you click the button.  Enter your name, email address and phone #'s.  The games that you have checked will be displayed in the text box.


Please be aware that this request is not a guarantee of assignment.  Your Assignor will notify you if you are assigned to any of the games requested.

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Position:  Ref/AR1/AR2: 3 Referee System (Referee & Assistant Referees);  SRef: Single Referee;  DRef1/DRef2: Dual Referees