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1 Sat Mar 7
2 Sat Mar 14
  Sun Mar 15
3 Sat Mar 21
5 Sat Apr 4
  Sun Apr 5
6 Sat Apr 11
7 Sat Apr 18
  Sun Apr 19
8 Sat Apr 25
  Sun Apr 26
9 Sat May 2
  Sun May 3
10 Sat May 9
  Sun May 10
11 Sat May 16
  Sun May 17

- Starting Dates are as Follows for: Date:
- XYSA Competitive begins August 23
- XYSA OPT1 begins September 6
- Club A Development begins September 13
- Club B Development begins September 20
- XYSA Competitive Double-Header Weekend August 23-24
- XYSADouble-Header Weekend August 23-24
- Club B Development Double-Header Weekend TBD
- Make-Up Games (few, if needed) August 23-24
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