AssignorPro Demo Welcome

   Welcome to the AssignorPro Demo web site. This demonstration website will provide you with a look and feel for the appearance and capabilities of Referee Assignment retrieval from an AssignorPro Assignor website. On these pages you can test :

  • Submission of availability.

  • Register with the Assignor for assignments.

  • Retrieve and confirm assignments.

  • View maps or directions to the fields.

  • Car Pool assistance with your fellow referees assigned to the same fields.

  • Display of your own News Page with an upload from AssignorPro.

  • Display of unassigned games available for assignment.

  • Display schedule of games already assigned.

  • Links to your Clubs, Leagues and Associations in the Custom Links (below)

A listing of all officials assigned to games may be viewed by the Assignor after completing a secure login.  This is accessed by clicking the Black Whistle in the lower right corner of all of the web pages.


All of the items listed are directly available using the Menu Bar at the top or bottom of this page.


The power behind this website is AssignorPro - The Referee Assignments System.  Combined with these web pages you have a powerful and flexible system to manage your Referee Assignments.